At the end of October, I shot an unseasonably warm fall portrait session with Chris, Lindsay, and their son Parker at Cuba Marsh. No mittens required! Parker started out a bit shy, but we quickly found some topics to talk about, such as Halloween. Parker wanted to be a bulldozer for Halloween! This meant that […]

family walking pose during fall portrait session

Nicole and Wade joined me with their two kids, Audrey and Nolan, for a beautiful color-filled fall photoshoot at Veteran Acres Park in Crystal Lake. The trees were at peak color, giving us a show and making their photos absolutely pop! Nicole’s family coordinated with green and earthy toned outfits that suited the fall backdrop […]

fall family photos at park

Say “Halloween!” Payton and Alex joined me with their delightful toddler, Caroline, for a chilly fall photoshoot at Paul Douglas Preserve in Hoffman Estates. Sometimes “cheese” isn’t the most exciting word to get some smiles, but Payton helped by offering a new word for me, “Halloween!” Caroline was quite adventurous and took to walking around […]

family portrait at Paul Douglas Preserve

This week Spenser and Andrew’s family joined me for a chilly photoshoot at Cuba Marsh in Deer Park. With the beautiful leaf changes, comes colder evenings, and this was no exception. The challenge offers its own opportunities to have fun with warm outfits and accessories! Spenser brought her boys (Archie and Bennett) the cutest fluffy […]

fall family portrait outdoors

Culling the images from Michele and Adam’s sunset family session at Fetherling Park was almost as fun as being with them in person.

family walking down path in grassy field

Simon says wiggle! Simon says smile and look at the camera! Now stick out your tongue! These girls were full of smiles while playing games during their portrait session at Cuba Marsh. While mom and dad were still getting their brother ready, we took advantage of the moment to try hopping on each foot, spinning […]

family smiles for camera in grass field with pine trees behind them

I love when clients recommend new locations for me to scout! While I have a list of locations that I know are beautiful and easy for clients to access, I am always looking for additional interesting locations that I’ve never seen before. Jordan and Jay offered me that opportunity last week during their first family […]

toddler sitting in a field of flowers at Fetherling Park

One thing I love to do when photographing a family is let the kids take over for a photo or two—we had a lot of fun doing that for this family session at Vehe Barn! An hour or two can be a long time for kids during a session, but inviting them to get creative […]

“On the count of 3, try to guess the same color…1, 2, 3!” “Blue!” My favorite moment of Ashley and John’s family portrait session was the look of surprise on their daughter’s face when she and her Popi guessed the same color. How could he possibly know?! It was a perfect snapshot of joy! Before […]

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