Vehe Barn Family Portraits

One thing I love to do when photographing a family is let the kids take over for a photo or two—we had a lot of fun doing that for this family session at Vehe Barn!

An hour or two can be a long time for kids during a session, but inviting them to get creative and add their own ideas between poses can be a fun way to get them excited again!

Jenean and Erich’s kiddos had plenty of unique ideas, from posing on the side of Vehe Barn to some giggly spins. It was a ton of fun to see what unique idea they would come up with next! This is especially great during family sessions because these moments can turn into really sweet candids that showcase their personality and individual relationships.

Another aspect of family sessions that I love is the breakout groups! While a group shot with everyone smiling is the gold standard, it’s also great to be able to capture those individual relationships among families. These are the photos that can go on a photo board at a graduation, wedding, or any other celebratory event to highlight that specific child’s relationship with the people in their family. I also love to make sure the parents get a photo together—often times parents will tell me that they haven’t had a photo taken together since their anniversary!

Jenean and Erich, photographing your family was an absolute delight! From group photos to breakouts and individuals, I loved getting to capture all these joyful moments for your family. I hope you love your images as much as I do!

family portrait walking and smiling

siblings smiling at parents while walking in front of flower field

family sitting in front of flower field at Vehe Barn

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