Paul Douglas Preserve Family Portraits

family portrait at Paul Douglas Preserve

Say “Halloween!”

Payton and Alex joined me with their delightful toddler, Caroline, for a chilly fall photoshoot at Paul Douglas Preserve in Hoffman Estates. Sometimes “cheese” isn’t the most exciting word to get some smiles, but Payton helped by offering a new word for me, “Halloween!”

Caroline was quite adventurous and took to walking around and exploring the preserve. She even found an end-of-the-year dandelion to check out. Because sitting still after the first few photos was a little too slow for Caroline, we threw in a few twirls, airplanes, and Ring-Around-the-Rosies to keep her moving and warm! Fortunately, she was FULL of giggles for her parents, especially when trying out the family cheek sandwich.

One of my favorite things to do at a family session (and especially a couple’s session) is to give the kids a break and get some couple shots while playing some fun and intimate games. Have you ever looked into your partner’s eyes and told them every single color you see? Or tried to keep a straight face while answering a prompt about your partner in an Australian accent? If not, join me for a session and see how many genuine moments we can create together!

Payton and Alex, thank you for joining me at Paul Douglas Preserve on such a cold day for your family photos. It was such a joy to be with your family and watch Caroline explore the park!

father and daughter photo at park

run and hug photo of toddler and parents

family portrait at Paul Douglas Preserve

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