Sunset Family Session

family walking down path in grassy field

Culling the images from Michele and Adam’s sunset family session at Fetherling Park was almost as fun as being with them in person. The amount of spunk and delightfully silly faces the girls gave me was incredible. They were such good sports the entire time and all the images are infused with their playfulness. It was so hard to choose my favorite photos!

Every time I asked for a volunteer, one of them (or all three!) would immediately speak up. They were ready to go every time I asked them to pose for a new photo. They even provided me with some silly twists on the pose for a laugh.

The oldest sister was such a great helper and knew exactly how to pose with her twin sisters. It’s always fun to have an older sibling that can help pull the sibling photos together.

Because smiling and taking photographs is hard work, we had to take a few wiggle breaks and test out the park’s gym equipment (which works just as well as a jungle gym). Fortunately, all three girls are skilled acrobats; they could play and pose for me at the same time.

After their sunset session, the girls got to go to a real jungle gym—a perfect ending to a Sunday evening.

Michele and Adam, thank you letting me join you for your family photos. I had a wonderful time with you and your girls!

family walking down path in grassy field at sunset

sisters making silly faces at sunset in a field

girls reading information stand at park

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