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Couples Session - UIC

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Leigh Ann and Manish for a Couples Session at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).  I wanted to share a little story of how I met these wonderful people!

A few years ago, I started graduate school and needed to find some new friends. I thought joining a recreational sand volleyball group might be a good way to start, but little did I know what that would lead to! After a few games I met someone I instantly clicked with, Leigh Ann. Having her on my team was such a blast, and I knew right away I wanted to be friends. That night I went home and called some of my friends to ask advice – how do you ask for a girl’s number? Little did I know she did the same thing!

Fortunately, Leigh Ann and I became instant friends over a dinner date of burritos. Throughout the years we’ve shared river tubing adventures, fourth of July escapades, and pizza date nights with our guys (I also met Michael at volleyball, but that’s a different story!).

One of the exciting parts of getting to know Leigh Ann was also getting to meet Manish! Leigh Ann and Manish met during trips to Taiwan and decided they liked each other enough to spend several years in an international and interstate long-distance relationship, but when I met them, they had finally made it to the same state! Being around these two is a special experience. It’s obvious they’re the best of friends and they treat every moment like an adventure. There’s definitely no lack of laughter when they’re around.

Leigh Ann and Manish, I was so honored to photograph your Couples Session photos. It’s easy to see how happy you are, and your photos truly show how much fun you have!

For more couple session photos, check out my portfolio.

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